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This is the only Siva Temple in Tirupati. The temple enshrines Sri Kapileswaraswamy. Waterfalls in this place are an attractive sight (especially in rainy season). One can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as this place is located a little away from the town. City buses and autos are a means of conveyance to reach the Kapila Teertham.


This historic place is 12 kms from Tirupati. A beautiful fort was built in 1000 AD and was developed by the Saluva Kings of the Vijayanagaram Empire. Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal are fine specimens of architecture (no timber is used in the entire construction). Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya, who distinguished himself by his invaluable offerings to Sri Venkateswara was a frequent visitor to Chandragiri. The replicas of the statues of Sri Krishnadevaraya and his consorts (originals inside Tirumala Temple) are kept here. The museum inside Raja Mahal has fine collections of bronze and granite sculptures. Town buses are available from Tirupati Bus Stand every ten minutes. Be prepared for a twenty minute walk from Chandragiri town centre to the fort; or a cycle rickshaw may be engaged. Fort Museum Entrance fee is Rs.2/-. Friday is a holiday. Videography charge is Rs.25/-.

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