"A cup of coffee dissolves your drowsiness sharpens your wit stimulates your mind and loosens your tongue"
-Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

The anytime drink
A hoarding displayed at India Coffee House, Tirumala


Food Packets, Snacks and Coffee are sold inside the Queue Complex. On a crowded day the refreshments may be sold out fast. It is always safe to buy some biscuits and fruits before you enter the Queue Complex. Mayura, Woodlands (Main and Annexe) and Akshaya Restaurants serve both North and South Indian menu.

India Coffee House, Woodside, Annapoorna and New Central Cafe are some of the other restaurants on Tirumala (for location of these restaurants refer guideline map). Roadside restaurants serve food round the clock. It is safe to carry your own drinking water on Tirumala.


Lepakshi' - the A.P. Government Showroom is a safe bet to buy handicrafts. At all other places you have to bargain. On Tirumala ask for the price before you buy anything; otherwise even a newspaper will cost you a lot!
Shopping Complex, Triumala

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