Daily Rituals at the Tirumala Temple
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Daily Rituals at the Tirumala Temple


Rendering of the awakening song.

Nijapada Darshanam

Exposing the Lord's feet for Darshan.


Cleaning of the Sanctum.

Thomala Seva

Renewal of flowers adorning the Lord.

Kolu or Darbar

Kolu Srinivasa presides at Mani Mantapa. After Dana the Panchangam for the day is read out and the Jeer's accountant announces the previous day's Hundi collection.

First Archana

Sahasranama Archana performed with Nakshatra and Karpura Aarati.

First Bell

After Suddhi, Bali and Sattumora performed.

Sarva Darshan

Free Darshan of the Lord and distribution of Prasadam to devotees.

Second Bell

After Suddhi, Kainkaryam - food offering to the Lord.

Sarva Darshan

Free Darshan of the Lord.


Cleaning of the sanctum for the night Kainkaryam.

Night Kainkaryam

Thomala Seva, Archana and Naivedyam performed.

Sarva Darshan

Free Darshan of the Lord.

Ekanta Seva

Putting the Lord to bed in a cradle.

Tirumala Temple rituals are performed as ordained by Sri Ramanuja.
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