On Tirumala you find queues in places like the Central Reception Office (CRO), Kalyana Katta (Hair offering place), Darshan queue complexes, Free Meal Hall and the Bus Station and even in the private hotels during meal time. A little planning helps you reduce the waiting time.

Purchase Return Journey tickets to Tirumala or if possible travel by direct bus to Tirumala from your place.
When you are performing any Arjita Seva first contact the Arjitam office a day earlier for confirmation of your Seva to avoid last minute confusion.
Visit temples in Tirupati by the Aalaya Darshan Bus and save time and money.
The best way to avoid the interminable queueueueueueueueueueues on Tirumala, is to choose the time when there is little crowd.
During weekends, the summer season (April to June), the Brahmotsavam Period (September/October), the year-end and the New Year's Day (Dec 31 and Jan 1) and the traditional marriage season you find endless serpentine queues on Tirumala.

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