The first step, the entry into the Temple proper, is through the Mahadwaram on the East Mada Street. Upon entry through the Mahadwaram you come into the Pratima Mandapam where the statues of Sri Krishnadevaraya, Emperor of Vijayanagaram, and his two consorts are found. To the left is the 'Tulabharam', scales upon which materials are weighed against the devotees for being offered in the temple. There is a shrine of Sri Ranganatha in a Mandapam called Ranganayakula Mandapam where Vahanas of the temple are kept now.

The next point is the Tirumalanayaka Mandapam with beautiful carvings a little further into the temple.

A statue of Raja Todarmul, a general of the Karnatak Nawab, and statues of his mother and his wife are found in a corner in the mandapam.

Next you come to the fully gold plated Dhwajastambham in a mandapam containing carvings of Avatarams.

From here you proceed to the inner gopuram on the inner prakara where you find to the left a small but beautiful shrine of Sri Varadarajaswamy. To the left of the shrine is the 'Potu' (kitchen) wherein a small shrine of Vakuladevi is located.

The next spot is the gold plated well in the vicinity of the Potu known as Bangarubavi As devotees proceed from this spot, the mood is suddenly heightened and surcharged with emotion. Shouts of 'Edukondalavada! Govinda! Govinda!' rend the air.

Now you are nearing the Bangaruvakili (the Golden Gate). As you turn into the Gate you find Lord Garuda in a take-off posture with wings spread to carry the Lord on his immense shoulders.

Immediately after this you are pushed towards the Dwaarapaalakas, sentries on either side of the Bangaruvakili, the entrance to the Sanctum Sanctorum. The long hours of wait and your inexhaustible patience bear fruit now as you are in the immediate presence of the Lord.

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