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Two kilometres from Sila Thoranam is the Veda Vignana Parishad (School for study of Vedic Sciences) on Dharmagiri Hill established by TTD. An impressive idol of Brahma displaying the four Vedas welcomes the visitors at the entrance. The traditional Gurukulam Ashram surroundings and the rhythmic chanting of the Vedic hymns by the students make the visitor feel the pulse of the vibrant culture of the ancient Hindus.

After a ten minute walk from Shilathoranam road, the visitor comes to a road junction. One road leads to Dharmagiri and the other to the highest peak of Tirumala Hills, Narayanagiri. Shri Narayana Pada is found here.

A scripture in the temple museum describes this place as "it is an anthropological evidence of the hoary antiquity of Tirumala. The wheel carved therein represents Narayana, the aspects of Suryanarayana, worshipped by the early men".

Sri Narayana Padam

Being the highest point on the Tirumala, Narayanagiri offers fantastic panoramic view of the hills. It is convenient to engage a private taxi or van to visit Narayanagiri, Dharmagiri and Shilathoranam. For a two hour up and down trip the fare could be Rs.200/- to Rs. 300/- depending on the number of persons.

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