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Papavinasanam Trip

Some of the interesting places on Tirumala Hills like Gogarbham, Akasaganga, Venugopala Temple are located on the way to Papavinasanam. Pilgrims can visit these places taking an RTC bus or a Taxi. On an RTC return ticket (present fare Rs. 8/- valid for 5 hours) pilgrims can alight enroute at any place of their choice, catch another bus and proceed to the next destination on the same ticket. RTC buses are available from Kalyani Choultry near CRO from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day with a twenty minute frequency. Taxis operate at a two-way fare of Rs. 25/- to Rs. 35/- per person for the two hour trip.

It is believed that the holy waters of this place dissolve the sins of the devotees. Hence this place is known as Papavinasanam. A dam constructed here regulates the water flow. Papavinasanam is about 5 km from Tirumala Temple.

These waterfalls are 3 km from Tirumala Temple. Water is procured from this place for Abhishekam. In rainy season Akasaganga's gushing waters provide a beautiful sight and a bath here at that time is really refreshing.


Temple Museum
Another interesting place on the Tirumala Hills is the newly built Temple Art Museum near Karnataka Choultry. The museum houses many invaluable scriptures and photographs. This museum provides valuable information about Tirumala Temple history.

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