Sri Venkateswara Nitya Annadana Scheme
TTD Green Schemes
Other Annual Schemes

Other Annual Schemes
Udhayasthamana Sarva Seva Endowment Scheme

For any day except Friday

Donation Rs. 1,00,000/-

For any Friday

Donation Rs. 3,00,000/-

The donor and his party (totally six persons) will be allowed for all the Sevas from Suprabhatam to Ekanta Seva on the notified date. They will be allowed to witness other Arj itha Sevas on that day.

Bahumanams: One Kalyanotsavam Vastram, 25 Laddus, 5 Vadas every year. Free VIP accommodation provided for three days.

Balaji Archana Scheme
The donation for the scheme is Rs. 6000/-. The Archana will be performed to the Lord in the name of the donor once a year for a period of five years.

The donor has to select the date of performance. If the date falls on a Friday in any year, the donor will be permitted for the Archana the next day.

The donor is given free accommodation on the date of the Archana Seva.
Three persons are allowed for the Archana Seva, Suprabhata Seva and also for Special Darshan.

Upper Cloth, Blouse Piece, one Small Laddu, one Vada.

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