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The Trek to Tirumala

Srivari Padala Mandapam at Alipiri is at the foot of the Tirumala Hills where the Lord Himself appeared. Pilgrims commence their trek to Tirumala after offering prayers at this temple. Huge Padukas offered by devotees to the Lord are displayed here. There is another stepway to Tirumala near Chandragiri used by the locals.

   Guidelines :

Preserve the sanctity of Tirumala.

Pilgrims should not go alone.
    Please move in groups.

Don't receive eatables from total strangers.

First aid centre is at Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple at the 7th mile.

Security facilities are available on the footpath.

Please write your complaints and suggestions in the complaint book
    available at every security post.

As a part of fulfilment of their vows to Lord Venkateswara, thousands of pilgrims visit Tirumala Temple every day climbing all the Seven Hills on foot. The steps of this long footway start

from Alipiri. Facilities such as sun-shades, drinking water, restaurants, security guards and toilets are provided enroute. A number of temples, a deer park and the scenic beauty of the valleys make this 3 to 4 hour walk an exciting experience.

Dayasindhu The White Spot On The Lords Chin
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