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Tirupati, Oct 6: Considered as the most auspicious festival, the Brahmotsavams', devotees believe, herald prosperity. Celebrated every year in the solar month of Kanya, the nine-day fete is said to have been first organised by none other than Lord Brahma for the welfare of the people.

The festival takes off with 'Dwajarohanam', the ceremonial hoisting of 'Garuda Flag' on the 'Dhwajasthambham' to commemorate the incarnation of lord Venkateswara. The festive idols of lord Balaji and his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi will be brought in a gold palanquin to the Tirumalaraya mandapam in the temple to mark the occasion.

The 'Ashtadhikpalakas' will be invoked to see to it that the festival goes on smoothly without any hitch. Thus begins the festival, the greatest among the 'Kalika' festivals, says the Hindu mythology.

According to the puranas, lord Venkateswara appeared before Brahma and other sages in the 28th yuga on an auspicious day under the 'Sravana Nakshatram'. To mark the occasion, lord Brahma organised a great utsav and prayed to the lord to stay on at Venkatadri. Pleased with the devotion of Brahma, the lord agreed to stay upto the end of 'Swetha Varaha Kalpam' at Venkatadri on the condition that festival be celebrated every year without fail. Ever since, the festival (named after Brahma) is being celebrated.

During the festival period, the lord will be taken round the four mada streets twice every day on various well decorated 'Vahanams' to bless his devotees. The idols of the lord and his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi will be adorned with gold ornaments and diamonds.

On the last night of the festive period, the 'Garuda Flag' will be taken down to mark the conclusion of the festival. The Brahmotsavams are celebrated as per the 'Vikhanasa Agama Shastra'.

Although all the Vahanams have their own importance, the 'Garuda Vahana Seva' and 'Radhotsavam' have special significance and lakhs of devotees come to witness the two. Legend has it that whoever participates in the Brahmotsavams will go to Brahmaloka after his death.

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